Extraordinary Safety Comes Standard

Your safety has always been a priority at Mercedes-Benz. The 2016 Sprinter continues that tradition by providing segment-leading active and passive safety systems as standard equipment on every model. The Sprinter Van also offers optional Safety Packages that are industry firsts for commercial vehicles. All to help make your driving experience as safe as possible.

Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)

Standard on all Sprinter Van models, this innovative feature takes the vehicle load and center of gravity into account, automatically braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to stabilize the vehicle if wheelspin, understeer or oversteer is detected.

Crosswind Assist®

Continuing our heritage as the industry's safety leaders, the Sprinter Van introduces Crosswind Assist3 as a new standard feature on the 2016 Sprinter Van. At speeds over 50 mph, gentle, course-correcting brake application quickly intervenes to stabilize your Sprinter Van in strong, gusting crosswinds.

Highbeam Assist

Highbeam Assist takes the annoyance of constantly switching between high and low beams out of your driving experience, automatically switching the high beams on and off depending upon traffic ahead and oncoming vehicles.

Lane Keeping Assist®

Lane Keeping Assist uses a multifunction camera in the windshield to recognize unintentional drifting out of lane, sending a visible and audible signal to the driver when lane departure is detected.

Collision Prevention Assist®

Collision Prevention Assist enhances driving safety by helping you to avoid rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead.

Blind Spot Assist®

Blind Spot Assist uses radar sensors to monitor the surroundings of your Sprinter Van. If the system detects another vehicle alongside, visual notifications are triggered in the side view mirrors to prevent you from potentially dangerous lane changes, an audible warning further helps to alert the driver.


PARKTRONIC warns of a possible collision when maneuvering in confined spaces, providing parking assistance when you need it most.

Back-Up Camera

An available back-up camera allows you to view rear obstacles and people on the standard 5.8" head unit, helping you safely reverse while maneuvering and parking.

Available Safety Packages

The Active Safety Plus Package and Active Safety Plus Package with PARKTRONIC once again set new standards for safety in a commercial vehicle by offering several advanced features in one option package.

Active Safety Plus Package includes:

  • Highbeam Assist
  • Blind Spot Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assist

Active Safety Plus Package with PARKTRONIC includes:

  • Listed safety features above plus PARKTRONIC – warns of a possible collision when maneuvering in confined spaces.
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